Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Visit #197 ~ Standing Room Only

I made it to Divine Liturgy Sunday but arrived five minutes late. As I was pulling into the parking lot, I saw the procession leaving the rectory (where we now have coffee hour) and heading towards the Church. Oh, yes, I remember: The Triumph of Orthodoxy is this Sunday! Sorry that I didn't get a chance to see the procession (since I was busy parking the car.) When I arrived inside, I found that my usual space to sit was occupied. The good thing about Orthodoxy is, since they are always standing, it doesn't look unusual to be standing anywhere so I found my self without chair but standing next to an Icon.

Later on, when Fr. Gary gave the homily, everyone sits down so I spied a seat up front and sat down next to Cathy and her husband (I'm so embarrassed; I can't remember his name.) Fr. Gary preached that the Triumph of Orthodoxy called also be called the Triumph of Truth and warned the faithful not to be triumphalistic.  It was a good homily.

Standing in the front, I got a different perspective of the Liturgy. I especially liked watching the faithful approach the Chalice. The kids went first, of course. Then, one by one, those who had prepared themselves, received the Holy Mysteries.  Even though I did not receive, it was a blessing to see others do so.

Since it is Lent, we celebrate St. Basil's liturgy. That means I don't have time to stop for lunch before going to work. (St. Basil was a little bit more wordy than than St.John C!) So, on the way to Church, I stopped at got a veggie sub sandwich.  I don't know if I mentioned it, but I am keeping a modified version of the Great Fast. (No meat; only some dairy) This, I did with Fr. Gary's blessing.

Today, as I write this it is Tuesday and it was only yesterday that I really began to crave meat!  And I thought fasting was going to be easy.  Well, I am glad for the struggle. After all, that is how the Kingdom of God is won.

And since we are talking about Standing Room Only, here is a little video I made about Happy Feet!

Blessed Lent everyone!


  1. I really didn't like the homily, and I usually love them. I think I was upset and I took it the wrong way. It's good to read that it was a good homily because I like to be proven wrong sometimes, especially when it comes to giving something a second chance.

    1. I think it's ok not to like a homily - that means you are actually listening and are thinking about it!

  2. Interesting, our procession is after the Liturgy.