Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Visit #196 ~ Let the Prostrations Begin!

Prostrations are easier with no pews!
photo by Luca Moglia, used under the creative commons license.
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So I walked into Church last night, Tuesday of the Canon of St. Andrew and the first thing I see is all the chairs have been taken out, except for some lining the sides of the Nave. So now there is a lot of room for, you guessed it, prostrations! That's fine by me. Last year, if I remember correctly, I had to step out of my aisle of chairs to make a prostration so this was easier.  

I love the Canon of St. Andrew! I couldn't make it Monday night so I made sure I prayed the Monday version at home but I was happy to worship with the Faithful Tuesday night. Here it is Wednesday and I won't be able to go to anymore of the Canon so I'll be praying the home version of the Canon for the rest of the week. What really impressed me as I prayed last night is all the Scriptural references. Each phrase had a Scripture verse address in parentheses and it is clear that the Orthodox Church is steeped in Sacred Scripture. I was reminded of the Resurrected Jesus walking with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. Jesus, using the Old Testament, explained to the two disciples how all of the Scriptures pointed to Him!  

I have decided that this lent I would take the Fast seriously. Last year, I made no effort at all, saying to myself, "Well, I'm not really Orthodox so I don't have to" but I know spiritual growth is a struggle. Fr. Gary, in his homily last night, read a blog post from a Russian (of course!) and in the post the writer said that fasting shows ourselves that we are serious about following Christ. In the long run, God doesn't care if we eat meat but to show ourselves that we are serious, then fasting is a good thing to do.  

It is a "modified" version of the Fast that I am doing. Yes, I talked to Fr. Gary and he said, given my situation, that modification is, for me, the way to go about it.  So, pray for me that I'll have a blessed Lent, growing closer to Christ as we all await the joyful celebration of His Resurrection on Pascha!


  1. A blessed fast to you. I am so glad you talked with Father

    1. And a blessed fast to you as well!