Sunday, April 3, 2016

Visit # 198 ~ I Love me some Pre-Sanctified Liturgy!

This is a great service of the Church and I am sorry I cannot go on Wednesday nights during lent because of my work schedule. Yet, luckily, The Pre-sanctified Liturgy was served Friday morning so I was able to catch it before I went to work.  I love the combination of Psalms, prayers and prostrations.  Nothing says Great Lent quite like it!

The view from my car, before I entered
I arrived early enough to light a candle, say a prayer and enjoy the silence.

Here is a video of the nave before the Service.

Fr Gary did make mention on how this service is really supposed to be served in the evening and how we had to modify, "Let us complete our evening Prayer unto the Lord," by taking out the work evening. Okay, that works for me!

The Prayer of St. Ephraim is such a simple yet profound prayer.  If we live in that prayer, we shall truly be Christian.  It gets a bit hard for me to do the prostrations (and when I am home, I don't do them) but the prostrations certainly put your body where your soul is supposed to be!

I also love the "Let my prayer arise" hymn. I know by rubrics, it is supposed to be done by three clergy (and last year I witnessed that) but I confess I love it best when it is just Fr. Gary chanting it alone.  The tone has a slow, mournful feel to it that matches with the spirit of lent so well.

I hope to go to more services during Lent and, by the way, whoever said fasting was easy, lied to me!


  1. Presanctified Liturgies are the highlight of Lent for me, so so beautiful.

  2. Mimi, do you have three clergy sing "let my prayer arise?" Or just one?

  3. I think the choir sings it, actually

  4. That's interesting! Gotta lo e diversity

  5. The choir sings it in my parish.

    I wasn't able to attend Presanctified liturgies very much for my first several years after converting, and during that time I didn't know the service well enough to lose myself in it and to it. But in the last three years or so that has changed, and they really are the highlight of Lent for me, too, as Mimi says.