Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Visit 182 ~ Vespers with a Bishop!

His Eminence, Arch-Bishop Michael
So, talking with Bishops is good! That's what I got to do Saturday night.  I have first seen Arch-Bishop Michael "up close and personal" last year at a campfire on Church grounds, complete with 'smores!  He had come for a pastoral visit and was then, I believe, just a plain, old Bishop until he was elevated to Arch-Bishop.  You can read about that visit here.  At that time, I did not actually talk to Bishop Michael but this time I did!

The Vespers service was good - I don't think I've been to a bad Vespers service yet! :) I arrived a bit late and didn't feel right about venerating the Icons during the prayer because Bishop Michael was sitting by the Iconostasis in his chair and I would have felt uncomfortable about "invading his space," as I made the rounds. So I just sat in the back. Marko saw me and gave me a warm greeting! I remember I really enjoyed Bishop Michael's homily but, I am embarrassed to say, I cannot at this time recall what it was about! Oh, my! I guess that is why frequent Church attendance is good because it is a way to keep the Faith always before us!

After Vespers, there was to be a small reception in the Church hall.  As we waited for Bishop Michael to enter, I chatted it up with Jack Hayford and I asked him, "What is the proper way to address a Bishop?" He said, in Bishop Michael's case, it would be proper to say Your Eminence, because he was recently elevated to Arch-Bishop.  So I asked, "If I said, Your Grace, instead that would be sort of an insult, since that title is for your every day Bishops? " Jack said, he'd hope that a Bishop would not be insulted by something like that. Humility and all.... Well, when I did meet Bishop Michael his humble spirit was evident. Jack also said Vladika would be proper. I get the sense that Vladika is an informal title of respect much like papa is to the term Father.  You guys, correct me if I am wrong, okay?

One of the reasons I made sure I went to Vespers on this particular Saturday is I had met with Fr. Gary last week and we had a talk about my spiritual progress and whether I should "take the plunge" into Orthodoxy.  We discussed what was hindering and Fr. Gary strongly suggested that I meet Bishop Michael. Indeed, he said, "I will introduce you." I suspect one of the reasons Fr. Gary wanted me to meet the Bishop is so that Bishop Michael could pray for me.

In the Church Hall, I talked with Mutushka Mary a while about the All-American council. I had listened to all 6 sessions on Ancient Faith Radio and Mutuska Mary had spoken as a lay delegate a couple of times. I also spoke a bit with Marko and Tammy.  But then it came time to meet the Bishop.  Fr. Gary said, Are you ready? since the Bishop seemed to be free.  You can imagine a lot of people wanted to talk to him.

Fr. Gary said "Vladika, I want to introduce you to Jim Vivanco." Arch-Bishop Michael put down the plate he was holding and immediately grabbed my hand to shake it. It made me uncomfortable because I know you are supposed to kiss his hand.  But such is the humility of our Arch-Bishop! A true and good Father to his flock!  Fr. Gary went on to tell him about my blog and, when Bishop Michael learned from me that I post an entry after each visit, he asked me, "How many visits you up to?" Of course, I went blank! I said, Well, I am nearing 200 which is true enough.  Bishop Michael then said he hoped I would continue to "come and see" until the day I was received into the Church.  Fr. Gary gave a fuller picture of my situation when he said what was really an issue was my wife's aversion to the Eastern Orthodox Faith.  Bishop Michael asked for my wife's name and then promised to pray for both of us!  

The whole conversation didn't last more than two minutes but I was so glad to meet His Eminence, Arch-Bishop Michael and I am grateful that Fr. Gary introduced me.  I am, believe it or not, very shy at times and I really hate to talk about myself (although, as you can see, I am not opposed to writing about myself :) ) but it was great to meet such a humble Shepherd.  

I hope I can meet him again soon! 


  1. Wonderful!
    Yes, Vladyka is a term of endearment for a Bishop, which I realize sounds oxymoronic, but after you get to see their humility and kindness, definitely makes sense.

  2. And just another reason why Orthodoxy is cool!