Monday, August 25, 2014

Visit #146 ~ My Two Sons go to Vespers to Meet the Bishop around a Campfire

A Talisman in my son's pockets?
I almost didn't go to Vespers Saturday because I was really tired but, on my way home from work, I get a call from my son,Justin,  who recently moved out, saying he wanted to go to Vespers with me. I said, "Sure," but it may be a long service because the Bishop is visiting.  The last time the Bishop was here, the Saturday night Vespers included a matins service as well so it went on for a while.Justin said,  no problem. When I arrived home I took a power nap and Justin arrived. When my other son, Daniel,  found out that the Bishop was going to be at Church, he said, "Wow, a Bishop, I can't miss that!"   I don't know what he was expecting to see....being a Protestant, he might have had visions of papal pomp and circumstance surrounding Bishop Michael, along with numerous attendants and, perhaps, angels? :)

In any event, both Justin and Daniel thought it appropriate to bring a chess piece of a Bishop and stick in their pockets to bring along with them to Vespers, since they were about to see a real, live bishop.:)  The service turned out to be an average length Vespers service and I realized they probably didn't have the longer version because Bishop Michael was going to attend our campfire after Vespers to meet and greet his flock.

Worship was great, as usual. My sons decided not to follow along with a service book but just listen. Bishop Michael's homily was very good. He preached about how we, as Christians, must read the Scriptures and live the Scriptures and then he gave St. Cosmos as an example. That Saint's story was very inspirational to listen to.  After service, the Bishop gave the blessing and the Faithful approached Bishop Michael to venerate the Cross. My sons opted out but I went.

We went to the campfire for a while and I talked with Jim Martin about Project Mexico. He said it was a great experience and I was happy to hear his stories. My son Justin roasted a marshmallow for me and it was great to be around the campfire but we couldn't stay long because Justin had to work that night and I wanted to leave before the Bishop began talking. I thought it would be rude to walk out just as he began to speak.

It was great to have my two sons with me at Vespers and I hope they can come again soon. As it turned out they didn't "meet" Bishop Michael (and neither did I, really) but they did get to see him and hear him.  It is something, I think, to listen to a man who can trace his ordination back to the Apostles.  

Bishop Michael and those who served at the altar 
Justin asked if I had an extra Orthodox Bible because he was interested in reading the "extra books." I told him I did not but, the very next day, I ordered him an Orthodox Study Bible from Amazon. It should arrive Tuesday and I will give it to him the next time I see him!


  1. What a wonderful visit. I hope your son enjoys the bible - I particularly love Judith and Tobit.

    1. sadly, I don't read the Scriptures as much as I ought.