Monday, September 14, 2015

Visit #183 ~ Panikhida for James Patrick Martin....and then Vespers!

It's been a year since my friend Jim Martin reposed so I wanted to make sure I made the Panikhida being served for him last Saturday before Vespers.  Tiffany was there, along with others of the Faithful and it was a very emotional time, especially when, towards the end of the service, Fr Gary the very mournful tones of May his memory be eternal! It was good to remember my friend and I continue to remember him (and his family) in prayer.

It was good to stay for Vespers. My work schedule has made attending service a challenge at times and completely impossible at other times.  I was happy because, today for the first time, I went up to light some candles and say some prayers without feeling self-conscience.  The other times I did that it was hard to concentrate on praying because I felt so self-conscience. But, this last times, I lit three candles - one for Jim Martin and family, one for my family and one for myself - and I was actually able to pray without feeling "a thousand eyes staring at me." It was good.
fr Gary and Jim's Godfather, reader John

I felt like I didn't want Vespers to end.  The prayers, the psalms, the smell of incense, the beauty of the icons all pointed me towards the Kingdom of Heaven.  It was a good place to be! Hope to be back soon!


  1. Memory Eternal.
    Wonderful news on not feeling self-conscious

  2. Memory Eternal, It was wonderful to see you and I felt the same way.


  3. Thanks marko...pray that they'll be able to switch my schedule so I can go to DL on sumdays