Sunday, November 18, 2012

Arriving Fashionably Late, dressed unfashionably on my 77th Visit!

just about to open the side doors to enter the Church
Well, what a busy day I had Saturday. Yes, I lost my job on Friday (Good bye, Twinkies, Good bye Job) but I had forgotten that I scheduled myself to donate blood on Saturday morning so that is how my day began.  Then, my wife and I spent the whole day running around, doing errands and by the time it was time to go to Vespers, I had no time to change clothes. I really don't like to dress in jeans to go to Vespers because of the respect I believe we shall all show God when we enter His House but I remember what one of my facebook friends and blog reader said about that. It is better to go to Church than to not go because of who we are dressed. Lavena, my friend, went on to say how that sometimes the kids would be in soccer uniforms because they were out all day but it was better to be there.  Maybe you disagree and, generally speaking, I think every effort should be made to dress nicely but I think God, the Saints and all the Angels are glad to see us there!

Because I arrived late, I sat way in the back and found my self standing next to a fairly new Icon painted on the wall which depicted the marriage at Cana. Even though I have had seen this Icon before and have even had my picture taken next to it, I never really looked at it. 

me before the Icon of the Wedding Feast of Cana                            
I found myself staring right into the Face of Jesus and the Theotokos and I realized the importance of Icons in revealing Christ to us. Christ was depicted in art as a man because He really became one. He really had a mother and He really walked the earth.  This is all fact.  Then I glanced over at the center and I saw what obviously was the bride and groom at the wedding feast of Cana. They were depicted as wearing crowns. Now, we all know that they did not actually wear crowns but seeing the crowns reminded me that Icons are not supposed to show events like a newspaper story would but, should reflect the Spiritual meaning behind the actual event.  Icons show us Heaven and while we are still here on earth, we need them. Or, rather, they are just one more way that God reveals Himself to us! So I am glad I had a chance to reflect on the whole story of the wedding at Cana in the midst of singing hymns at Vespers.

Another way God reveals Himself to us is through the spoken word and Fr Gary's short but relevant homily did just that. He spoke about being thankful, especially with the American holiday of Thanksgiving coming up. He mentioned the many who were affected by Hurricane Sandy and how gratitude is still the way to go. I was easily able to apply that to my life. Even though I was not adversely affected by the  hurricane, I am still going through the storm of unemployment!  (You can see pics of my last day on my job by clicking here.)
But God will remain faithful to us!

my attire at vespers. Jeans, just this once!
So keep me in prayer, friends. I am sure God will continue His Grace in my life and I am hoping that this period of unemployment, besides being short :) would also be a time I can learn to lean more upon Christ!

Glory to Jesus Christ!
Glory Forever!

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