Monday, November 12, 2012

76th Visit~ Fr. Gary gives Kudos where Kudos are due!

The Church of Grace and Peace where many gathered to help!

Hurricane Sandy has disrupted a lot of people's lives Mine, however, I can say, thankfully wasn't really disrupted at all. We just lost electricity at our house for five hours.But, others have lost their homes and all their possessions. But people want to help, including the people of this parish.

On my 76th time in an Orthodox Church, Fr Gary used the time of his homily to talk about just how the people of our parish did help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Saturday morning, people gathered at a large Protestant Church called the Church of Grace and Peace which has become a central place for people to gather to help those in need.  I had wanted to gather to help, too, but a friend of mine needed help loading a truck since they were moving.  But there will be other opportunities for me to help, because there is still a lot that needs to be done. Fr. Gary remarked how great it was that people just wanted to help.

Also, in Fr Gary's homily, he reflected on the name of the protestant church where everyone was meeting to help.  Grace and Peace are two things we need to remember. It is true, he said, that you won't find an Orthodox Church named after that since we either name our Churches after a Saint or a Feast of the Church but, never the less, it is good to remember that Grace is the Energies of God and, really, His Presence to us. And Peace was something that Christ gives His people.

Not surprisingly what Fr Gary said was really something I needed to hear. Although I have not really been impacted by Hurricane Sandy, there are other things going on in my life right now that are a bit unsettling.  The major unsettling thing is not knowing if the bankrupt company I work for, is going to survive. So I have been a little anxious lately.  But even before Fr Gary gave his homily, I was experiencing the Peace of Christ as we all worshiped together. I guess one of the best things about Liturgy is that it takes the focus off of yourself and on to Christ and when you are focused on Him, things seem to be in the proper perspective.

I am grateful for the Presence of Christ in my life. As I turn to Him, may I become more like Him and may, He, in His Mercy, continue to lead.


  1. I have really enjoyed your blog. I have been following since almost the beginning. I love your observations, and questions. I pray for you as you continue on this journey. I am in the process of leaving the protestant church.

    I pray for peace in your life regarding your job. Job uncertainty has a way of laying heavy on ones heart.

  2. dear Unknown,

    thank you so much for following my journey and for your prayers! It really means a lot to me that people are interested in my journey. I pray for you as you leave the protestant church.

    It turns out, my company did go out of business. Hostess Brands shut their doors today! No more twinkees for people! But I am confident that God will provide for me and my family as He has done so in the past!

  3. Wow so sorry to hear that. Truly your family is in my prayers. Losing employment can be very hard. I agree with you whole heatedly God will provide. I have blogged on and off for a few years. Reading your blog inspired me to start a new blog as I start this new book of my life.

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy your posts.

    Unknown (Kirk, Not sure why my name came up unknown)

  4. Kirk,
    Thanks for the encouragement! I will add your blog to my blog roll!

  5. Wow thanks! I am not sure if anyone has ever done that :) Here is the link.

  6. Kirk,
    just added a comment to your blog and I've been perusing through old posts...Well written! God bless you and lead you on your journey!