Monday, May 25, 2015

Visit #176 ~ Lighting Candles for the Newly Baptized and Illumined

A candle and a prayer for Payton Faith
I went to the Divine Liturgy yesterday and, of course, it was good to be there.  But a part of me wishes I was at a different parish that day where Payton Faith Campbell was being baptized!  I was unable to attend Andrew and Tiffany's daughter's baptism (because their parish is so far away and because of my work schedule) so, instead, I said a prayer and lit a candle for the newly baptized and illumined Payton Faith! I took a picture of the gold lamp stand where I lit the candle at the beginning of the service. This pic was snapped while I waited in line at the end of the service to venerate the Cross.

A small group of people were absent from the DL today because they were able to attend Payton Faith's baptism.  Marko, who is the godfather, is pictured below. I had asked him (via facebook) if he spit on the devil on Payton's behalf. He said, "I renounced the devil thrice" because, in Orthodoxy, if something is good enough to do one time, it's good enough to do three times! 
the godparents! 

The proud parents!
So, God bless Payton Faith Campbell!

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  1. Many Years to the newly illumined!
    I've spit on the Devil as a Godparent

    1. Spitting on the devil sounds like a hoot!

  2. Phoenixville! Awesome! NB: The spitting is not at the devil, but rather an expelling of the devil so the Spirit (breath) of God may enter. :)