Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Visit #175 ~ Thinking about St. Photini and Living Water!

"Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again...."
I just did a quick google search and asked "What is the name of the Woman at the Well in the Bible?" The first sites that came up were all Protestant and they said, "Well, she isn't named." How wonderful it is that, in the Orthodox Church, her name was preserved and passed down from generation to generation. How sad that the Protestants divorce themselves from Holy Tradition and, thus, unknowingly, find themselves impoverished!

St. Photini, the Woman a the Well, was the focus of the Service today.  Fr. Gary gave a great homily talking about how Jesus broke all the social norms and, seemingly without judging or condemning her, drew her unto Himself, proclaiming to her that He was, indeed, the Messiah! He offered living water to her noting that the water she was drawing from the well would only leave her thirsty again but the water the He'd offer would satisfy forever!

St. Photini, who was despised in her own town as a loose woman - that would explain why she drew water in the heat of the day when no one else was around - nevertheless ran into town and proclaimed Jesus as Messiah. The whole town came to see for themselves and became convinced, not because of the testimony of St. Photini but because they heard Jesus for themselves!

Coffee hour was really enjoyable. I had a nice talk with Reader Innocent (Jack.) He is a quiet man with a lot of depth (and a wicked sense of humor, wicked in the good sense :) ) We also celebrated the ever-gracious Tami's Birthday! I, of course, ate a piece of cake in her honor!

Happy Birthday, Tami
It was such a blessing to be in Liturgy this week. I was unable to attend last week so it is good to be back! May be all partake of the Living Waters that Christ has to offer!

St. Photini, pray for us!


  1. I, who have never been Protestant (other than a brief Episcopalian sojourn ) ), was surprised to read in a Protestant Bible Study about women of the Bible about how she fell out of history. Imagine me sitting in the couch hollering about St. Photoni :)
    Happy Birthday to Tami

    1. I always like when people scream out in unexpected places....it's always a good thing for people to think we're crazy :)