Friday, April 24, 2015

Visit #173 ~ Time Sure Flies when You're Worshiping the Trinity!

It's two hours for a Divine Liturgy and, yet, I feel as if no time has gone at all.  No offense to my protestant pastor or their worship service but when I attend their services, I am always looking at the clock, quite frankly, bored by the songs. The Sermon, however, does keep my attention.

But as far as Divine Liturgy goes, I feel immersed in the Hymns, Prayers and Psalms.  I admit I do get tired of standing (Darn that arthritis!) but I find myself sensing that no time is passing by at all. It is the way Church is supposed to be and that is exactly what I experienced at Divine Liturgy last Sunday!

I only got four hours of sleep the night before because I wanted to attend Vespers since, in the Orthodoxy world, Saturday night is really Sunday and going to Vespers should properly be thought as part one of the DL.  I did find by arranging my life so that I could do both Saturday night and Sunday morning did help me more easily participate in Worship.

Coffee hour was great. Besides talking to the 'regulars' (Markos, Amanda, Tami, John, etc.) I met a young man named Christian who will be received into the Church on Pentecost. He is from Roman Catholic background (a real lover of the Latin Mass) and even attended RC Seminary for a semester.  We had a good time talking and I told him I would make sure I cleared my calendar so I could watch him be received into the Church which, he said, will take place at Vespers before Pentecost.

Thanks for reading! See you next time.

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