Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Visit #172 ~ Bright Week is So Bright that I gotta wear Shades!

Christ is Risen, yo!
photo by Brian Talbot, used under the creative commons license.
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For Bright Week, we had services on Monday but I couldn't attend because I needed to help my wife study for her final test in her Phlebotomy course (She got 98%, by the way!) so I didn't get to attend any services during Bright Week until Saturday...and, boy, am I glad I did! I hadn't been to a Saturday night Vespers in a while and it was great to hear (and pray) the familiar hymns and Psalms.

I left my home early so I could arrive early and say a prayer (and light a candle) for a friend of mine who requested prayer.  I know that some people arrive to liturgy a little late but still light their candles during litanies. You know, how I have always been uncomfortable doing that. I'd feel like everyone is watching me and I'd feel like I am "interrupting" Fr. Gary lead us in pray. I know I shouldn't be so self-conscience but I am. Well, there was a huge traffic jam on the way to Church and it turns out that, instead of arriving early (so I can light my candle), I arrive on time.  What to do?  I decided "To heck with it, I'll light my candle anyway." (I said heck instead of hell because this blog is rated G. ☺) I waited for Fr. Gary to start his second set of litanies and I walked quietly up the side of the Nave, lit my candle and said a prayer for my friend.  Guess what? No body stared at me! And even if they did, I didn't pay any attention.  My friend said they needed prayer so that overrode any apprehensions I may have had.  The Kingdom of God is about helping each other, right?

photo by Scott Gunn, 
used under the creative commons license.
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It was great to be at Vespers again. Yes, I love Divine Liturgy and am glad I have been going on Sundays but Vespers will always hold a special place in my heart. It is where I first encountered Orthodox Worship! I had to take a nap when I got home from work Saturday but it was worth it. Guess what! I also attended the Divine Liturgy the next day, even though I would only get four hours of sleep that night. You see, when I go to DL's, I have to go to work first from 3am till 7am. Then someone covers the rest of my shift so I could leave early and go to DL.  I have always been told that you should go to Vespers Saturday night and Divine Liturgy the next day because "it's all connected." I'll blog about that next time.

Until then, Christ is Risen! And, remember, even if Bright week is over, the future is still bright!


  1. I'm glad to hear about the candle and I agree.

    1. I tend to think that God wanted me to "overcome" my self-consciousness so He made sure I went the way of the traffic jam so I wouldn't arrive early like I planned. I had thought about taking the different route but stayed on the Garden State parkway instead. Sorta like Jesus purposely delaying his visit to Lazarus just so He could raise him from the dead....only not as dramatic, I grant you!