Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vespers before the Ethnic Fair!

Yesterday's Vespers was, as always, spiritual fulfilling. I say always because even when I am not feeling it, I know that Christ is being glorified and I edified when I attend the Divine Services. When I drove into the parking lot, for my 143rd Visit to my Orthodox Parish, I noticed that everything was set up for the ethnic fair. The chairs, the food tent and the signs were all in place, ready for Sunday's event.  It seemed that Vespers was well attended last evening and I was pleased with that. I have heard that many times people who are involved in ethnic fairs were unable to attend the Divine Liturgy on Sundays because of all the last minute preparations needed to be done. Maybe that would account for the higher attendance.

Fr. Gary made mention of the fair in his homily but not as an advertisement but, rather, as a need for an attitude check. He quoted St. Paul in his passage to the Romans how the strong need to bear up with the failings of the weak. Perhaps, we feel we are among the strong because of our Orthodox faith and those who do not go to Church are the weak. We should be very careful not to sit in judgment on them, saying to ourselves, Well, you guys should be going to Church. Instead, we are to be humble examples for it is only in humility that we grow in Christ.  Fr. Gary went on to say that there will be a lot of visitors and we must keep our attitude of humility.

Well said, Fr. Gary!

God willing, I hope to be at the fair later on today and I will give you a full report! :)

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