Monday, July 28, 2014

Hanging out at the Beer Tent at the Ethnic Fair!

Jim Martin at his post
 I had a very relaxing time at the Ethnic Fair at my Parish.  I almost didn't make it there because the road was closed off on the route and there was a detour causing major delays. I almost turned around and just went home. I am glad I made it there, though.  I saw my friend Jim Martin manning the beer tent and I spent some time talking to him and also to other people who came by.

The whole afternoon was very relaxing. We talked about a variety of topics ranging from Church, the Tour de France to music and old-style records. Speaking of music, I liked the music they had playing. A lot of old stuff; I believe I heard, Peter, Paul and Mary and Woody Guthrie. I like that they were very selective with their music, not playing anything from the regular radio because, for the most part, you don't know what kind of lyrics you are going to get!

As the afternoon winded down, I helped clean up and was really enjoying the song "All by Myself," (all the while thinking of the opening scene in Bridget Jones' Diary) but then they turned it off because the music was being shut down and I thought, Man, I was just getting into it!   So, here for your listening enjoyment (and mine) is the entire song:

The food was great! I can't believe the prices. The foot long hot dog was only $3. They also had a gift basket auction. I tried to win a Spa treatment certificate that I was going to give to my wife and also a Thomas Kinkaide painting, but, alas, I lost.

my dinner
So I am really glad I showed up. I got to speak to Fr. Gary, Fr Ken, his son Will. Also Reader John and Jack and I met some new people. A good afternoon it was!

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