Thursday, May 22, 2014

Visit #137 - In This Sign, Conquer; Discovering the Power of the Cross at Vespers

Going to Vespers last Tuesday was a blessing.  Even though I had just been on Saturday, it didn't seem like I was "overdoing it." Fr. Gary, in his homily, remarked on how we were celebrating the mid-feast of Pentecost. We were also commemorating St. Constantine and his mother St. Helen.  Constantine was famous for conquering his enemies with the sign of the Cross, which Christ revealed to him.  His mother was credited to finding the True Cross in Jerusalem and building many Churches in the Holy Land.  So mid-Pentecost, which comes in the middle of the Paschal season, draws us back to the Cross. It is just like the third Sunday of Lent- which is the Veneration of the Holy Cross- and comes right in the middle of Lent.  So whether we are remembering our repentance in Lent or celebrating Christ's Victory over death in Pascha, the Cross is right there in the middle, reminding us of Christ's work and our own duty to pick up our own cross and follow Him.  May God gave me the strength to pick up my cross and follow in all seasons of my life.

Christ is Risen!

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