Sunday, May 18, 2014

Visit #136 ~ Loving Them Psalms!!!

What we sang at Vespers
Listen Here:

There are plenty of "catchy" and even reverent songs out there in the protestant world which are intended to glorify God.  I am sure God looks at the heart of each worshiper and receives their sincere praise. But what is great about Orthodoxy is their number one Hymnal is the Book of Psalms. Now, in my younger years, I was not a fan of the psalms. Nothing against Hebrew poetry but I just preferred the"catchy" tunes to the Psalter but thank God in Orthodoxy I have learned to appreciate the Psalms and now understand why the Church has directed its use in Worship.

Last night at Vespers my mind was troubled about some situations in my life but my mind was drawn back into worship as the choir sang Psalm 140 (that would be Psalm 141 for those of you using the protestant bible.) We sang:
Lord, I call upon You, hear me. Hear me, O Lord!
Lord, I call upon You, hear me; receive the voice of my prayer when I call upon You.
Hear me, O Lord.
Let my prayer arise in Your sight as incense and let the lifting up of my hands be an evening sacrifice
The words of the Psalter touched me in a way that no "catchy" hymn ever did and I can say that I was not just singing along. Rather, I was praying the Psalm.  I was able to identify with David's longing for God and his desperation which God alone could solve. The prayer of David became my prayer and for that I am grateful.

There are so many treasures in Orthodoxy. May my life be spent searching for them.


  1. I was reading the psalms on Saturday night out loud during confessions, and was contemplating how beautiful they are and how familiar they are because we sing them so often.

    1. The psalms truly vet to the heart of
      the matter