Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A.D.D. Worship on my 117th Visit

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Felt as distracted as a Dog chasing a squirrel
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I am a person who really likes routine so when that is disrupted it makes me hard to concentrate on the important things in life...like Worship. Yes, I went to Vespers Saturday - and, as always, I am glad I did- but it was really hard to concentrate because last week was my first week learning a new job at the TSA. As grateful as I am for that job, I still wish I had a steady routine going because I feel scatter-brained and that makes it hard to Worship. It has even affected my daily prayer rule.

I know; it doesn't matter how I feel, I just need to remain faithful. But whenever I Worship in a distracted manner, I feel like I am cheating God out of the attention He deserves.  I guess that doesn't matter and I should, (in what I hear is favorite priestly advice,) Do the best I can.

I took some ownership of one of the prayers during Vespers in which Fr. Gary instructs us to "bend our necks." The prayer continues with us declaring that we will look to no one else for help, except the Lord God.  I guess that is a good thing to do, considering how the Lord has never let me down before.

Keep me in your prayers, friends, as I struggle through my new job; pray that I will remember Christ and His Church throughout all of it!

Oh by the way, for those who don't know A.D.D is short for Attention Deficit Disorder....

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