Friday, July 29, 2011

Strange Dream...!

the strangest dream
I didn't quite dream about unicorns but it was strange enough....

First of all, I went to Vespers last Saturday night and I will blog about it tomorrow but I have had a tough week at work so I have been very tired....

My wife has been wanting to learn a new language for a while now. We even started learning German with the Roseta Stone program but that sort of petered out.... (It was hard with my work schedule to take time to "study.")

So last night I dreamed that my wife asked me to learn a language with her again.
I said, "Sure, honey, how about Church Slavonic?"

I woke up before I could hear my wife's reaction. I guess by waking up I prevented my strange dream into turning into a nightmare . :)

Dreaming about Church Slavonic? I guess it's time to convert.

(Photo by Valentina Kendel, used under the creative commons license.
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  1. Jim,
    Before I became a catechumen, I had a dream that I had died & was observing my own funeral. [Weird, no?]. Thing was, I had died during Bright Week, so the funeral was full of the choir & people singing "Christ is Risen". That was one of my signs that it was time to become a catechumen. The other sign was when I was in a theological discussion with a Roman Catholic friend and found myself expostulating the Orthodox doctrines. Sounds like you've already had that experience. Praying for you & your family!

  2. Marianna,
    thanks for the prayers...I guess if you have to die, having a funeral during bright week isn't so the way, are there any times when Orthodox will not have a funeral?

  3. Well, I don't know what your dream meant, but I will say that is one unsettling picture... :)

  4. Bill,
    True...the picture fit my mood when I woke there you have it!

  5. dreaming about Church Slavonic or IN Church Slavonic?

  6. Maria,
    I dreamed I wanted to learn the language....My parish really doesn't use Church Slavonic expect for the "Lord have mercy"...I guess when you are saying it 12 times in a row its good to mix it up a little with English and Greek!