Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pentacost Vespers

It seems every time I go to an Orthodox Service, they feed me. More Litya in this Vespers also.

I left my house exactly one half hour before 7pm so I arrived as the Priest was about to start. I quickly sat down in the back. These folding chairs were not covered in cloth like the others and I had feared that perhaps I was sitting in chairs designated for the choir since they were right next to me but I didn't let that distract me too much. I figured they would be forgiving if I sat in the wrong place, after all I am a newbie.

I really noticed the incense this time, the smells are unique in the Orthodox Church.

I invited my wife to go with me but she had to stay home to get ready for our upcoming road trip to Georgia. She said "this wasn't her thing" but I think she'll visit with me at least once. I also invited Daniel but he didn't come.

Karen and I have been going to a baptist church on Sunday's a contemporary service and they call it "the Five" since they meet at 5pm. So I called Vespers "The Seven" because that is when they meet.

They had a retired priest help out Fr Gary tonight along with three altar boys instead of the just one they had last time.

After the Service (that is when Tammy handed me the Litya and told me every time you come here, we feed you!) I walked right out and didn't hang around like I did last time. I guess I am a bit shy.

Perhaps next time I will strike up a conversation with Deacon Tom.


  1. This coming Sunday starts the summer schedule for Divine Liturgy - 9AM instead of 10AM. Please join us - there is a brunch honoring Fr. Gary and Matushka Mary's 25th Anniversary.

  2. NOTE: This one comment by "Ken" freaked me out because it only being my second time at the OC, I didn't know how anyone there knew I was blogging! Turns out the Holy Spirit led Ken to my post on and after reading my first post, realized who I was...God is good