Friday, April 29, 2016

Visit #200 ~ A Milestone and Redirection for my Blog

Last Wednesday was the last Pre-Sanctified Liturgy for Lent and I was so happy that I was able to go there. Usually on Wednesday nights I am at work but I had taken the day off because I had to finish a video project for someone. It was only after I took off that I realized that Vespers was that evening. I was happier than a Dairy Salesman on Bright Monday (Okay, that was lame but I said it anyway ☺) I love Pre-Sanctified Liturgy. It is my favorite service in Great Lent. And my favorite part is the Let my Prayer Arise Psalm.  I was able to record the whole chant which runs nearly seven minutes. With Fr. Gary chanting the verses and with the Choir singing the chorus, it was beautiful in a joyful mourning kind of way.  Below is a video I made which has the recording. Even though Great Lent is over and Pascha is almost here, I could listen to this all year round. It is simply beautiful!

So this is my 200th visit, a sort of milestone, I suppose. I guess I should give out a prize. Nah, never mind. I have decided though to change the direction of this blog. After 200 visits to Orthodox Services, I would hardly say I've exhausted all the complexities and beauty of Orthodox Worship, but much of what my feeble powers of observations  are able to do,  is exhausted.    So instead of just repeating myself, instead of blogging after each visit, I plan on blogging "whenever the spirit moves me;" That is to say, whenever a topic reaches the top of my mind, then I will blog.  I did have fun counting my visits though (It must be the geek in me) so I think I'll keep track of each time I visit on a separate page (You can find it here and I'll post a link on the front page of this blog. I took the liberty of putting visit 201 on the page, in anticipation of attending service this evening.)

In the meantime, keep me in your prayers as I move slowly East and  will  I remember you. May we all be united in Christ.

I know it's a little early but,

Christ is Risen, 
He is Risen, indeed!


  1. Christ is Risen. Prayers indeed

  2. He is Risen indeed....thanks for the prayers!

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