Monday, January 11, 2016

Visit #192 ~ Thinking about Water and God's Call

Fountain of Holy Water
It was great to be in Liturgy and think about water. How could I not? There was a big fountain of Holy Water in the front by the Ambo and a table with cups for consumption.  I heard a sermon on Ancient Faith Radio on how Holy Water isn't magical but rather, restored to what it was before the fall of the Cosmos.  I have heard stories on how Holy Water kept in bottles for years did not "go bad."  It seems the Incarnation has great implications for the universe. By Christ entering into the waters of Jordan to receive Baptism, He sanctified the waters!

Holy Water to Drink!

Fr. Gary's Homily was especially insightful.  He talked about the call of God and then gave examples from Sacred Scripture on how some did not, at first, embrace this call.  Moses tried to talk God into choosing someone else and Jonah just plain  ran away! Yet, even though we are unworthy, God calls us anyway.

"If you are looking on God's calling as something you are unworthy of, then you are thinking of it the right way"   -Fr Gary, Homily of January 10, 2016
 God, in his mercy, uses us! May we be ever ready to serve Him as He desires!

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