Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Visit #186 - Laying Aside All Earthly Cares.

Photo by St. Petersburg Orthodox Theological Academy

So I don't normally post from a kindle but my computer is being used right now by my wife. She is studying hard for an EKG course she is taking. I was able to make it to Divine Liturgy last Sunday and I was struck by the phrase in the Cherubic Hymn to LAY ASIDE ALL EARTHLY CARES. Without going into too much detail I have had a lot to distract me these past couple of weeks but this admonishment to think heavenly instead of being earthbound really spoke to me. Sometimes you just gotta lay aside all your troubles and enter into Worship. That is what I tried to do and was somewhat successful.

Keep me in your prayers about my "earthly cares" that the Lord provide a clear path. I don't like being weighed down.