Monday, February 16, 2015

Visit #162 ~ Snow? Who Cares about Snow? We've got Church to go to!

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I am thankful that Divine Liturgy was not cancelled because it snowed. It is true, that, because of the adverse weather conditions, which Fr. Gary called it in his email to the congregation, that Adult Sunday School Class was cancelled yet, The DL was still going to take place. Meanwhile, my protestant parish sent word out that services were cancelled for the day and the Baptist church that my son attends also cancelled services. But, with the Orthodox, it's not so much that The Show must go on but, rather, The Eucharist must be celebrated! I wasn't surprised that Church wasn't cancelled for the Orthodox; Any people who are hearty enough to fast as much as they do, surely won't let bad weather keep them down.

It is true that the attendance was low on Sunday. Only about 30 people. It was a bit strange that there were no children there.  I am used to seeing the kids line up for the Chalice and then come the adults but, on that day it was only adults approaching the Holy Mysteries. The service was great and I was happy to attend.  

There was a taco dinner planned for coffee hour and that still took place. There was supposed to be a formal presentation of the August Mission Trip to Mexico. Instead, Matthew, a parishioner was able to make it to the coffee only and he just played a slide show.  There were 500 pictures!  Matthew said that about three dozen of them had Jim Martin in it. He gave me a disk and I intend to make a short slide show of just Jim Martin's Pics and send it to his widow, Judy.  

It was great to go to DL two weeks in a row. Hopefully, I can attend again soon if I can work getting shifts swapped at work.  

God bless you all and, remember, eat lots of pizza this week! Next Sunday is Cheesefare Sunday!


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