Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Visit #160 ~ A Homily about a United Church.

Fr Gary was back this week and Deacon Alexander helped him serve at Vespers.  It was great, as always. Fr. Gary's homily was about the United Church and he used the occasion of St. Bridgette's Feast day as a kick-off point  to talk about how the Church should be one. He said many people who are not acquainted with Orthodoxy are surprised when we commemorate western saints, like St. Bridgette from Ireland. People think that she, along with St. Patrick are just Roman Catholic. Yet, at one time, says Fr. Gary, the Church was one and we should all be praying for a unified Church.

St Bridget
commerated on Feb 1st
While it would be great if the Orthodox Church united with the Western Church, I think a great place to start is if all of the jurisdictions in America would unite into one Church. That, I think, would be a good thing and would help Holy Orthodoxy not just seem like another denomination.

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