Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Visit #158 ~ First visit of 2015!

I am glad that I went to Vespers. I just went a few days before on New Year's Eve but I guess this Visit is the first "Official" visit of 2015~  It did take some work because, as I said on my last post, I want to make a special effort to attend more services in 2015....even if it hurts a little bit. So, I made sure I had a nap when I got home so I could "rest up" for Vespers. And I did my best, during Vespers, not to be preoccupied with how little sleep I'd be getting when Vespers was over.  I actually arrived a bit early. I prayed and lit a candle. After I was sitting in my seat, Tami came over and wished me a happy new year. She said, we don't get to talk much because I always have to scoot out right after services. It was nice to catch up with her.

I am hopeful that I continue going to Vespers EVERY WEEK. If you glance back at my blog, you can see that my attendance has been usually every other week so hopefully I can change that this year! May God help me get closer to Him this year!

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