Monday, November 24, 2014

Visit #155 ~ Hear about my latest visit!

Listen here for my three minute update on my 155th visit to a Divine Service

As I mentioned in my brief podcast, If you look on the Iconostasis where they have the 12 major feasts of the Church year, you can see that St. Demetrious is "replacing" one of the Icons that is now on the table in the center of the Nave. It is the third Icon from the left.  You can read about that here

Thanks for listening and reading!


  1. We don't have this tradition (we have a permanent icon on the iconostasis and a boxed set that has several paper icons inside a box with a clear top, so you move the appropriate one to the top) and I love reading about your church with the moving St. Demetrios!
    Happy Feast Day!