Monday, November 3, 2014

153rd Visit ~ Mohawks at Vespers? You better believe it!

Yes, I saw a Mohawk at Vespers; but, more on that later....
It was great to be back at Vespers after a two week absence- one absence because I was too tired from getting used to a new work schedule (3:30am till noon) and the other absence because Fr. Gary was out of town. It was great, as always. I felt like I've been away from the Psalms so hearing them chanted (and joining in) was a great blessing.  There was no homily because right after the Vespers service, Fr. Gary went into a General Confession and that's an extra 15 minutes. Plus, there was a Panikhida before hand so the Faithful were there a little longer than usual.  I was sorry to miss the Panikhida which was celebrated for, among other people, my friend +James Patrick Martin.  I intended to go but had to do something for my daughter.  When I arrived at Vespers, I did light a candle and say a prayer for Jim.  And one for myself as well.

Now, about that Mohawk....The Altar server - whose either in high school or college - had what I'd call a modest mohawk.  I guess Orthodoxy is always about moderation ☺. He was not completely shaved on the side of his head but there was a distinct mohawk on the top of his head. Why do I say all this? Am I scandalized? No, not at all. I think it's great that everyone is not in a cookie-cutter mold. I went to a very conservative protestant church once where all the people were nice enough but EVERYONE had a suit and a white shirt on and all the ladies looked the same, as well. I am glad that, in Orthodoxy, no such demands are made, and, in all honesty, the mohawk was not so outlandish that it drew too much attention to the wearer.

Next Saturday, God willing, I'll be at Vespers again! I'll report back, then.

God bless!

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