Sunday, September 7, 2014

Visit #148 ~ Vespers again with my Son, dinner with my wife and Some Sad News!

a selfie with my son
Justin came back to Vespers with me Last night. But first we stopped for some pizza. What was really great is my wife, who was a work, timed her break so she could join us for pizza.  While we waited for my wife to arrived Justin and I chatted. He is up to to Exodus now in the Bible that I bought for him.I really discourage people from reading the Bible "cover to cover" because most of the time people run out of steam when they get to Leviticus~ all those laws and stuff. Pretty dry stuff for most people. Justin said he'd also like to attend a Divine Liturgy but that would require some "energy drinks" for him because he works the Saturday night before.  We'll have to make sure we go one Sunday.

My wife arrived a bit late because she got stuck at work but it was good to see her. She loves mushroom pizza and so do I.  Now that our children are grown, it is nice for us, as parents, to sit and talk with them around a shared meal.  Karen had to rush back to work and Justin and I went to Vespers. We arrived a bit late (How's that for being truly Orthodox ) and Justin was a bit disappointed because he said "I don't want to miss them swinging the incense around" We arrived at the Kathisma and only missed "one round of the incense.  Justin said he wanted to light a candle. That is something we can do next week. I have never lighten a candle before and I think it can be a bit tricky. I see people lighting the candle and then melting the bottom before they place it in the holder.  I think I'll have to call in Tami for some help next week!

dinner for Karen and I
I got some sad news.  One of the Choir members whom I have talked to a few times, passed away. She is the one whose name I could not remember in this blog post here. Alexandra Kulnyi is here name and I have been impressed by her piety on several occasions. I always observed how when she either sang or led the choir, it would be an act of Worship.  Alexandra's funeral will be Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning and I am afraid I won't be able to attend. I have a class I am taking for my job and it is on Tuesday evenings. I might be able to arrive late but I will see. Remember Alexandra in your prayers, if you will.

One question before I sign off. Tami fed everyone some wheat based "snack" which was blessed and it is somehow associated with the newly departed. Can some one tell me the significance of that? There are so many traditions in Orthodoxy, I don't think I am able to keep up. But I am having fun trying to!


  1. The food is called Koliva. It is wheat berries sweetened. and decorated with raisins, currants or almonds. It's tradition comes from "A grain of wheat must fall to the ground and die..." can't remember the rest. There are other traditional things surrounding it that I can't remember right now with my foggy morning brain.

    My dh is being Chrismated this morning. Pray for us.

    1. "Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit." John 12:24....
      Thanks, Deb....that makes sense.

      congrats on "dh" being Chrismated....what is "dh?" Designated Hitter? :)

  2. Really nice...I also cherish those moments when our family is together (whether for pizza or church)! We ♥ mushrooms, too. Yum!!!

  3. Pizza is a universal food, Martha! :)