Monday, June 2, 2014

Visit 139 ~ My own Personal Incense!

The Censor at our parish isn't quite as big

Fr. Gary did not serve Vespers last Saturday. Instead, Fr. Sergious, the retired priest, stepped in.  I don't know where Fr. Gary was but he is entitled to a few days off a year so I hope he was on vacation! I am glad to be part of a parish that does not "shut down," just because the regular priest isn't there.  God is worthy of praise all the time so I am glad that provision is made for that to continue.

One thing I noticed that Fr. Sergious did which Fr. Gary did not do, has to do with Incense.  As the choir sings the hymns, Fr. Gary incenses the Icons around the Nave, which means he has to walk around the outskirts and do that. All the while, we, the people, are in the middle. When Fr. Gary makes his way to the front, he then incenses the people. Well, when Fr.Sergious made the same rounds, as he walked passed the people standing "in the pews," he would turn and incense them. Since I was standing in my own row, it was like I got my own personal incense! Of course, when Fr. Sergious went to the front, he incensed the people again.

I was glad Fr. Sergious did that because it helped me remember that I am incensed because I am an Icon of Christ, made in the Image of God! That is a good thing to remember about myself and others. It will change the way you treat people if you remember that they are Icons of Christ!

I start working full-time for the TSA, instead of part-time. Thankfully, that won't effect my Vespers attendance.

See you next time!


  1. I have to say, that is an amazingly huge censor!
    Congratulations on your job!

    1. Thanks, mimi
      As you may realize, I try to go for humor as much as possible. When I saw this ridiculously big censor, I had to use to kick off my post about incense.

      Yes, it is good to be a full time employee; the one downside is I don't see my wife as much as I use to.

    2. And it was perfect ;)
      That is a downside indeed.

    3. yet my wife and I are being more intentional about seeing each other whenever we have the time so that is good.