Saturday, July 20, 2013

Showdown at Mt Carmel!

Last night at Vespers was all about Elijah! Anyone who criticizes the Orthodox Church for not preaching the Bible enough, would be silenced by last night readings.  All of them from the the Book of Kings in the Old Testament and the readings were LONG! But I am not complaining, although I am ashamed to say that the melodic chanting of the long Scripture readings plus the fact I was tired from having mowed the lawn in 95+ degree weather, was a sure recipe for me falling asleep.  How embarrassing! I guess I should have been more Russian and just stood for the entire service, instead of sitting down for the readings like everyone else did.  ☺ But hearing all the details about Elijah and his protégé Elisha was a spiritually edifying experience and a nice way to spend this my 109th time at an Orthodox Service. Really, had I not been nodding off, I wouldn't have even needed the sermon that Fr. Gary preached at the end because so much detail was given in the stories and the Scripture speaks for themselves! Well, Fr. Gary did preach, though, and he mentioned that it being a Friday night and if you wanted to rent a movie, you wouldn't get more action than what we just heard from the readings.  That is true! I think one of my favorite recollections was Elijah on Mt. Carmel and I especially like how he taunts the prophets of Baal! He makes fun of them and their god. In the end, of course, the Fire from heaven which consumes the water-laden sacrifice proves who is God! And, it being the Old Testament and all, the prophets of Baal are summarily slaughtered after they lose the contest.  I guess you could say the prophets of Baal, had a bad day.

I was very glad that we had Vespers last night because tonight, I will be going out with my wife since today marks 28 years of being married.  We will be double-dating with her parents and that's fine with me. They are really great people and we get along so well. Today, before we go out, we will probably walk on the beach.

Holy Prophets, Elijah and Elisha, pray for us!

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