Friday, May 24, 2013

Cool Video!

  St. Innocent Orthodox Church, Macon, Georgia, USA from Ted Liedle on Vimeo.

My facebook friend, John Henson who is also a Catechism teacher, shared this video and I shared it on my facebook status. What I love about this parish in the video (which is in Macon, Georgia) is it is so very similar to my own parish in New Jersey. It's all about Worshiping the Trinity! Gotta love Orthodoxy!

Here is the status I put when I shared this video on Facebook:

As many of you know, I usually go to an Orthodox Church on Saturday nights (for the Vespers service). This video, which is of a parish down in Georgia, shows the same beauty, simplicity, depth, fullness, humility and Christ-centeredness that I experience when I worship on Saturday evenings. :)

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