Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More of the Same and That's Okay with me!

Same Old, Same Old
It may be the "Same old, Same Old" at Vespers but it sure ain't Boring
photo by Tim Cummins, used under the creative commons license
check out more photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/timcummins/

Saturday night marked the 93rd time I worshiped at my Orthodox Parish.  What a right thing to do, to just spend time praying the Psalms, chanting the Hymns and focusing my attention upon the Holy Trinity! Worshiping at Vespers is something I may not always want to do at the time but when I set my heart to do it, I am always glad I did. And isn't that why people were put on this earth, to commune with God? So I am glad that after all this time, I have not "dropped out" of going to Vespers, even though my life would be so much easier in many ways if I just perused "The Protestant Path."

One delightful thing I did notice at Vespers....If you remember, I once wrote about how a grandmother kept making the sign of the cross on her grandson. You can read about it here. Well, She was back and right before Vespers began I saw her pointing to the ceiling at each corner , as she held her grandson in her arms, saying, "Matthew, Mark, Luke and John." Yes she was teaching her grandson about the Four Evangelists. How wonderful that Icons can be used to teach the little ones! Later on, the toddler was asleep on the chairs. One good thing about the Orthodox, since we stand so much for worship, the grandmother wasn't using the chairs anyway!

This Friday, I hope to make it to the Akathist and I'll, of course, blog about it!

I hope everyone is having a blessed Lent. I have tried to increase my "spiritual activities" and have been making good use of the chotki that Fr Ken gave me when he was just a lowly deacon. :)  He gave that to me back in August of 2010, over two years ago and I am only now using it pretty consistently. Better late than never, eh? Here is where you can read about that!

See you next time and thanks for reading!

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