Thursday, March 21, 2013

Using a canon to combat Sin...

Hamilton's Own
Not exactly the Canon of St. Andrew...
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...St. Andrew of Crete's Canon, that is! On Tuesay night, I went to Church and our parish, like many parishes has services everyday in the beginning of Lent so I was fortunate to be able to make it on this my 91st time at my Orthodox Parish.

What first struck is as we prayed through the canon is how much Scripture is cited. By every petition a Scripture reference was placed so we knew where that phrase we were praying came from. I daresay I got more Scripture in one night than I have gotten from 6 months at my protestant parish.  Along with these Scriptures, which highlighted our own sinfulness, there were a lot of Lord, have Mercy's. And that is fine with me because I know I need His mercy.  I must say, my back did ache a bit from all the metanies we did. I guess I need to work out so I can be fit for Orthodox Worship! And the times we did prostrations was hard for me because I was standing in the middle and there were chairs in front of me so I ended up doing prostrations toward the side while everyone else did them facing front.  Jim Martin, who was next to me, wisely stood at the end of the aisle so he could move and not be hampered by chairs.

Fr Gary's homily was good. He said it was refreshing to hear the prayers of the Canon of St. Andrew because, in it, St. Andrew makes no excuses for his sin. Rather, he owns up to them. This is something we must do, even though it is much easier to just make excuses.

May God help me to confront my own sins this lent and may all of you forgive me, a sinner, of any offenses I have done against you.


  1. Funny, my (non-Orthodox) husband made the same canon/cannon joke :)

  2. mimi,
    us non-orthodox husbands have to stick together, you know.

  3. Ah yes, the Canon joke. But will you take it to the next level and note how much artillery rules?

  4. I don't think I'm brave enough to take it to the next level...:)