Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Following the Advice of Fr. Hopko

Fr Hopko
I was listening to a podcast by Fr. Hopko on the Commandments of Christ and, in it, he reminds us that we cannot follow the Gospel Commandments unless we actually read the Gospels. Obvious, right? Well, I am ashamed to say that my Bible reading is woefully inadequate so I decided that if I read one of the Gospel readings that the Church prescribes for the day, that I can write a little meditation for myself.  For me, when I write things down, they become real to me and part of my life.  And in that way I can incorporate the Gospel into my life, helping me to Live according to the Gospel.

So I started a blog where I can write these thoughts down and I invite you to read my very short observations and comment where you can and offer correction where it is needed. I am NOT trying to be a teacher but, as I said, when I write things down, it becomes real to me. I am especially grateful for the advice of my facebook friend John who advised me to incorporate the teachings of the Fathers into my blog. So, for  that, I turn to The Path, the Ancient Faith Radio podcast on the daily readings.

Here is a link to the blog called "Living According to the Gospel. .http://livingaccordingtothegospel.blogspot.com/ 
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Keep me in your prayers as I keep you and together we shall journey towards Salvation.

P.S. Here is a link to the podcast by Fr Hopko that inspired me to do this.



  1. Looking forward to reading your new blog. I am slowly switching over to an Orthodox daily lectionary. This could not have come at a better time!

  2. Br John-Paul,
    Thanks! and if you could add any short comments for my benefit, especially if you have any knowledge of the Church Fathers, I'd appreciate it!

  3. I absolutely recommend "The Bible and Holy Fathers for Orthodox" by Johanna Manley. It's expensive, but you can pick up used copies on Amazon often. You do have to use the lectionary calendar from your parish (and if you don't have one and can't get one, let me know, I'll mail you one from our parish) because sometimes the weeks get off due to the Paschal date.
    However, it's amazing. It's a huge gift to Orthodoxy.

  4. Oops, forgot to add the link, sorry:


  5. Mimi,
    Thanks for the link...when I get some extra money, I would like to invest in it....however, living on unemployment Insurance money, I may have to wait for a while.

  6. mimi,
    I forgot to ask, would you know why the OCA calendar and the GOA Calendar doesn't always match up?

  7. I totally understand, it is pricey. I cannot tell you enough to look for used copies. Maybe your parish library has a copy so you could look at it?

    Anyway, as to your question. The short answer is that they evolved in their readings slightly differently through time. The long answer has to do with the Lucan Jump http://www.orthodox.net/ustav/lukan-jump.html

  8. mimi,
    fascinating article about the Lucan jump...that explains a lot!