Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ending the year right with Visit #83

Litya table
 I wasn't feeling too well Saturday so I didn't make it to Vespers but, thankfully, our parish had Vespers on New Year's eve commemorating  the Circumcision of our Lord and also St. Basil. We had Litya and during those special prayers where Fr. Gary asks for the prayers of different Saints, I was moved to hear just how many Saints there are and how they can help us. I have gotten to know these Saints through Ancient Faith Radio where they will give little "blurbs" about their lives or read some of their writings. I love the Saints; it's great to know we are not in this alone!

May the prayers of the Saints bring us all closer to Christ this new year!


  1. Our priest gave a great sermon recently about the saints! He spoke about how when we have a problem in our lives, we usually tell our close friends, and ask them for their advice. That's why we pray not only to God, but also to his Mother, Mary, St. Nicholas (especially for those travelling), St. Panteleimon, (for the sick, as he was a doctor) and ask them to help us!!!

  2. Martha,
    that makes sense to me! :)

  3. I love listening to the lists of saints as well! A blessed new year!

  4. Mimi,
    blessed new year to you too!