Monday, October 29, 2012

We have a Winner, Sort of, and another Question!

a photo from the Winner's blog!

The silly contest is over and, Janelle (whose blog I feature on my blog roll on the right has won...but more on that later; First I have an other question:

I arrived a few minutes late (It's getting to be a habit) and the first thing I noticed is that the old familiar words of Vespers, sounded a bit different.  Yes, the tone had changed slightly. Can someone give me the scoop on the changing of the tones? I just don't understand what governs when and why they change. Feel free to comment below or email me, but no prizes this time :)

Fr Gary has come back from vacation! And where he went, he needed our prayers! You see, Fr Gary and his wife went to the Bahamas's on a well deserved trip and were greeted by Hurricane Sandy! So a few days ago we did get an email from one of the parish members to remember them in prayer. We did and God, in His Mercy, kept them safe. It was great to see Fr Gary again even though Fr Ken did a bang up job last week.

 Fr Gary was funny in his homily. He said, "Sandy sends greetings from the Bahama's," then we all chuckled. Then he added, "She says, 'see you soon'" More chuckles, although as I write this in the Midst of Hurricane Sandy starting to ramp up, I am not doing too much laughing.  But God is good and so far we are well.

I do like how in his homily, Fr Gary mentioned he couldn't help but notice all the preparations being made for the hurricane, remarking how this was the right thing to do.  He then went on to say that we should be spending out life making preparations for the return of Christ.  A nice short homily that, by its brevity, helped drive the point home! Be Ready!

I chatted with Daria for a while after Vespers (She runs the choir when Reader Timothy can't make it).We were all in the Narthax while Fr Gary was hearing confessions in the Nave.  She introduced me to her son, Daniel, whom I think I have seen before but now had the pleasure of meeting. A pleasant chap! Daria asked if we were prepared for Hurricane Sandy. I gave a half~hearted "Yes."  (I mean, how ready can you really be for a hurricane?) She then proceeded to invite me and my family to her house since she lived on high ground. Daniel remarked, not without humor, "If everyone shows up whom you invited to we'll have no room!" This brought some laughs. Indeed, it seems everyone was laughing at something. In the conversation next to us, I heard some laughing and finally Tammy gave us all a kind yet forceful "Shh" and then some lady who, to me, looked like a short, feisty Italian woman, said, with a big grin on her face, "Yeah, be Quiet; I want to hear the Confessions!" This almost brought loud guffaws and we all had to leave so we really wouldn't disturb the confessions.  I remarked to Tammy, as I went to my car, I like that woman! It's hard not to like someone who knows how to laugh.

Now, about the contest. I had one person go through the trouble of counting since my 46th visit way back in January.  Jannelle came up with my next visit (meaning this one) being number 78. Well, the thing is, I got a different number. This visit is actually number 74. I think what Janelle did is count the blog posts but some of them did not document a visit to my parish; a few said that I wasn't going so in the interest of accuracy:

 This is visit number 74!

But, what the heck, since she went through the trouble of counting, she wins anyway! Janelle, shoot me an email and I'll arrange to send you the gift card!

By the way, Janelle's blog, A Geek and A Camera Phone,  inspired me to start another blog which is basically me uploading a new pic everyday from my camera phone. Check it out!

See you guys next time for posts about Visit number 75! Oh, if someone actually wants to go through the trouble of checking my count, go ahead~ I don't mind being proven wrong! :)


  1. Glad to hear all is well with Fr. Gary...did he get to enjoy his time in the Bahamas at all before Sandy arrived?
    Nice to know you're up to visit #74!!! Now, how many months has it been? Over 12?

  2. Martha,
    I don't know how Fr Gary enjoyed his vacation. I haven't really talked to him about it.

    Actually, regarding the visits, I have going to this parish for over two years...since May 2010!