Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thinking of Orthodox Novels during Vespers

I am right now reading a fantastic novel by R. Leo Olson, called "Sojourning with Angels: The rise of Zazriel" It is a sometimes gritty novel that portrays the sinful life of a lapsed Orthodox Christian who is about to meet final judgment. The story is from the Guardian Angel's point of view. You can listen to an excellent review of this book on Ancient Faith Radio .

Well, in that book, there is a scene where all the guardian angels of those who have been sealed (by baptism, I suppose) are participating in Worship during a Vespers Service. That is what I thought about last night as we chanted the Psalms and sang the Hymns of the Church. It isn't just us "Image Bearers" (as people are called by Angels in the book~I bet you can guess Whose Image we bear) but also Angels join us. I like that idea.

Tammy sat down beside me right before Vespers started and we chatted about the weather. It has been a very hot summer and she helped out at St. Stephen's camp in upstate New York in the kitchen! Man, that must have been hot. After our short and pleasant conversation, she got up and joined the choir, ready to add her voice to the Angelic choir among us!

I had missed Vespers last week. (I was a little too exhausted from work) so it was great to be back again. Sadly, Jim Martin and Tiffany weren't able to be there. I look forward to worshiping all together again soon.

And it won't be just us, but Angels will join our praise!


  1. Jim, Were you able to attend any services for Transfiguration? (And Dormition is coming up Wednesday.) YiC, Bill

  2. Ooooh, I've not heard of that novel, off to check it out. Thank you!

  3. Bill,
    I was not able to attend and Transfiguration Services. I had attempted to but my wife got a bad headache and needed help at home with some things. God willing, I'll go tonight to Dormition Vespers!

  4. Mimi,
    I am almost done (according to the Kindle, I am 83 percent done). I do have to warn you, the author is very realistic in terms of bad language, even dropping the "F" bomb at, er, appropriate know how nasty demons can get!

    Good read, though...can't wait to get to the end and find out if the main character makes it into the kingdom!