Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thankfully, No Political Protests at Vespers Last Night!

Not in attendance at Vespers Last night!

It seems I have been hearing and reading a lot about "Pussy Riot" and their prayer/protest lately. Tons of articles on the internet and loads of podcasts talking about it. So I started wondering as I sang the Psalms with the Faithful, last night, what would our reaction be if some people came to the front of the Church and started uttering blasphemies couched in the form of a rebellious prayer? I know, I wouldn't be thinking of their "Free Speech" rights. I would be thinking of the kids that were in attendance and how inappropriate it would be for them to be subjected to this! I would also be thinking, "This is not the place for that."

Most of what I heard from Orthodox podcasts came out against it. I think specifically of Frederica Matthews Green who, while admiring their kicking skills, came out against them and Abbott Tryphon is absolutely livid about them. I only heard one Orthodox source that thought Pussy Riot were somehow to be commended for speaking out against President Puttin. That would be the Compass Podcast so you know they are non-chalacdeon Orthodox, if that makes a difference~ Armenian Orthodox.

Our society is becoming more and more hostile to Christians. I think had a protest like this happened in a Mosque, not only would the Muslims be outraged (and some calling for the death penalty) but all of the West would have been calling down condemnation on these girls. But since it was against Christians....Well, Christians deserve this type of treatment, I suppose! At least, that is what some think.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Christ is dishonored in this way. Surely, the enemy of our souls, hates Christ and will encourage such behavior where he will. But that doesn't mean I have to like it or not speak out against it.

Last night, when Fr. Gary was censing the icons, he walked past the front seats where a family with a little girl was standing. As he passed and left behind a cloud of smoke. The little girl put her face in that cloud because it was just her level and she took a deep breath. As she inhaled in the unique smell of incense, I thought, this smoke is our prayer. This smoke raises towards heaven, carried by Angels and echoed by the Saints, to the Throne of God! Surely, that is the kind of "Free Speech" that is appropriate for the Church.

"Illustrated by Anush Movsesian Avejic check out:

If people want to offer "Punk Prayers", let them do so somewhere else.

I came to Church to offer prayer to God and I don't think anyone should interrupt us!


  1. Thanks for the credits, Jim, and oh, the first name is Anush (add the s and minus the x). I look forward to reading more about your journey!