Sunday, April 1, 2012

A good Worshipful time at Vespers and loving St. Mary of Egypt!

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I went to Vespers last night and I seemed to be able to concentrate more. I think it is because when I first came in, there were only two people in the choir and I felt like I had to add my voice to make it sound fuller. Who would have thought that actually singing would help me pay attention :)

I really sensed what we were doing when we came to a psalm (It was under the heading of Kastmi or something that began with a K...I have a horrible memory). Anyway, the Psalm said serve the Lord with Fear and rejoice with trembling. This is something the Orthodox know how to do. No disrespect to all the protestants but it seems to me that the Orthodox Church nails this, even though the protestants try. Rejoicing and Trembling together? I guess that says something about God. He isn't our buddy in the sky. Man, I've got a lot to learn!

Fr Gary's homily was about St. Mary of Egypt. I love that saint! I guess it's because I can see how easily she would fit into America, at least the first half of her life. Her path to salvation was so radical, yet she took it! So what paths does God call me to? A good question!

May God continue to lead me on the path to Salvation!

Blessed Lent, everyone!

P,S. Here's a video I made for my protestant parish. They are selling bricks to pave a prayer garden. In it, you'll see my protestant church. The Teens loved making it! Let me know what you think.


  1. I think reading the words while you are singing adds to your notation of it - because you are using two of your senses instead of just one.

    Holy Mary, pray to God for us. There's something amazing about her hagiography, isn't there?

  2. Mimi,
    Yes, Mary of Egypt was the first saint in Orthodoxy that really fascinated me...I had never heard about her before growing up Roman Catholic...I also liked the story of St. Moses the Black., did you like my "Buy a Brick" video?

  3. Happy Easter in your old church, Jim! Hope you will be able to attend some of the Holy Week services in your new.

    Cute video. All that talent is transferable....

    YiC, Bill

  4. Thanks,'re comment made me smile!

  5. Hey hey — St. Moses is my patron.

    The K word you're trying to remember is Kathisma