Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vespers,again!...and stories about Battleships!

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2006-08-05 02.58.18 Battleship North Carolina
photo by Flickr user fdbyant3, used under the creative commons license.
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As I said in my audio message above, I missed Church two weeks in a row. Once, because I went to my Protestant Church with my family and the next reason because I worked some overtime.

Fr Ken was leading Vespers last night. I really enjoyed his short homily. He spoke on how Great Lent is upon us and is a time of changing course. He then told a funny story of a battleship captain saw a light in the distance and sent a message ordering it to move. The message came back, "No, even though you are a captain and I am a Seamen First Class, you have to move". The captain was furious and yelled, "I am a Battleship, You move!" The reply came back, "I am a light house, you move." So, Great Lent is upon us. How will I take advantage of all this time?

Fr Gary sent out the Parish calendar for the month and, man, there are services all over the place! Not counting Sundays, there are 16 opportunities for me to attend Church. I have no excuses, it would seem. :)

I spoke briefly to Jack Hayford, the Reader I met two weeks ago and inquired about his daughter serving in the Army in Afghanistan. Fr. Gary had sent an email requesting prayers for her. She is doing well and I have added her to my prayer list. Her name is Dawn.

I hope you all have a blessed Lent. I intend to read Isaiah, as recommended by Fr. Hopko.


  1. Forgive me, my brother.
    I highly recommend attending a Presanctified Liturgy, my parish has them on Wednesday and Friday nights during Lent. I say this a lot, but I think it's my favorite service of the year, it's so gorgeous.
    A blessed Lent to you.

  2. Mimi,
    Forgive me, my sister,
    I do intend to go to presanctified liturgy. Fr Gary emailed a calandar and I posted it on my refrigerator...if it's not on the refrigerator, it ain't happening!, God willing, every Wednesday in March, I will be attending. That means my wife will have to pick up my son from my protestant parish but that's okay.

    Also, tonight, God willing, I will be going to one of the Canon of St. Andrew of Crete.

  3. Wonderful! I'll look forward to hearing what you think.
    Enjoy the Canon, it's a beautiful service. I read it every year, but have only heard it a couple of times in person.

  4. Mimi,
    Yes, I will keep you informed.:)