Monday, December 5, 2011

Gonna See the Real Santa Clause ~ or ask for his prayers, at least!

Grumpy Santa
photo by Richard Elzey, used under the creative commons license.
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December 6th is St. Nicolas' day so my parish is having Vespers the night before!
That means tonight, God willing, I will be in Church praying and asking for prayers.

Hey, I have nothing against the legend of Santa Clause and all that....I mean, who doesn't love fat little men, breaking and entering in order to leave gifts. But I love St. Nicholas, whom the Santa legend is based upon. He is a popular saint because of his generosity and humility....and, also, you got to love a guy who will slap heretics in the face!

So, tonight, God Willing, I will be in Vespers.

The truth of things hath revealed thee to thy flock as a rule of faith, an icon of meekness, and a teacher of temperance; for this cause, thou hast achieved the heights by humility, riches by poverty. O Father and Hierarch Nicholas, intercede with Christ God that our souls be saved


  1. Excellent! It seems you're making it to services more often. Glory to God!

  2. Yes, John, and the more I go, the more I want to go...It's a great addiction!