Thursday, April 28, 2011

...Now, about that Sunrise Service...:)

I said I would tell you a funny story about the Sunrise Service....

As I said in my last post, my son, who just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago, said he wanted to go to the sunrise service. So, I came straight home after the Pascha Vigil and arrived home at 3:30am and set the clock for 5:10 Am....If my son wanted to go to the Sunrise Service, I wasn't going to be the reason why he couldn't (He doesn't drive yet so I would be his ride).

I woke up at 5:10 AM and shook my soon awake and then went to make my coffee. He comes out and says, "Oh, I am so tired; I don't think I'm going." He went to the bathroom and I continued making my coffee. I figured he would be alright as soon as he splashed some water on his face.

He came out and asked, "Is there going to be food there?"

"No," I said, "There never is. We have it at a park and we stand around for an hour as we sing songs and listen to a sermon. No food."

"Oh...," he said quietly., "Are you sure there is no food there?"

"Yes, it's a sunrise service, not a sunrise breakfast."

Then, abruptly, he said, "I am going back to bed."

He left me there, with coffee brewing which I now could not drink because I was going back to bed to and I thought, "I wish you would have told me you weren't going before I woke up with only an hour and a half of sleep."

But, I smiled; It was just like my son to be ruled by his stomach.

Christ is Risen!


  1. Truly He is Risen!

    Now, you can say "There is always food after the Orthodox Liturgy, maybe we can catch one together?" :D

  2. I think I would like him to try a vespers service first... Shorter than a DL, I think

  3. Shorter, yes a little. But liturgy is brighter and more involved. Plus, there is food ;)
    My first Orthodox service was a liturgy and I loved it. It was a little bit of a culture shock at first, but it was so full of love that I knew I was in the right place immediately. We live 35-40 minutes away and have 6 kids. So, we still usually don't make it to both. But we choose Liturgy of the two. Our Priest is kind enough to hear our confessions in the morning if we make it early enough. Either way you choose, I pray you are able to get him to a service. As well as your entire family.
    Christ is Risen!

  4. You were such a good sport! I'd have wanted to thump him on the ear. Maybe even with the coffee pot! :)

  5. thank you Lavena, keep praying for me and my family! I appreciate it!

  6. Bill,
    I was still too jubilant from the Pascha Vigil to stay mad at anyone too long so I was able to not be too bothered by my son going back to sleep.

  7. Truly He is Risen!

    I am glad to see that you are enjoying the beauty and the mystery of the Faith. Glory to God! You and your family continue to be in my prayers.


  8. John,
    So glad I and my family are in your prayers!
    The same goes for you and yours...