Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Audio message from Jim at the beginning at Lent

click here to listen to a short message from Jim:



  1. I have no idea where the name of Clean Week comes from. In the past I've supposed that it comes from the fact that you're beginning to clean your soul through repentance. But your guess is as likely as mine.

    If you can, absolutely go to the Canon of St. Andrew tomorrow! It's an extremely long penitential canon split up over the first four days of Lent. Here it is in its entirety, if you're inclined to read it:

    Anyway, it's amazing. The canon addresses the soul, and asks why it is unrepentant, even though it is wretched and sinful. The refrain of the canon is "have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me." You've really got to experience it to know what it's about. :-)

    Also, your parish will very likely be serving Presanctified Liturgies at some point. Those are also one of my favorite services, and a non-Sunday morning communion service you could attend.

    It's been nice for me to read too, I'm quite interested in the growth of Orthodoxy in America, and seeing personal testimonies such as this is both uplifting and a wonderful way to look at trends.

  2. In Russian, on Clean Monday we used to clean everything. In Cyprus, they tell me, they only eat greens on that day to start cleaning their bodies. It must be symbolic for cleaning oneself from sin and spiritual blindness it causes.

    Do NOT miss Presanctified Liturgy!