Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eleventh visit on Saturday and Car Crash on Monday!

It was dark so you can't the dent too clearly but the accident totaled the car. Anyone know where I can get a good deal on a used car?

Thank God I am okay.

I was driving very safely on my way to pick up my son from work and someone coming from the opposite direction made a left hand turn right in front of me. We crashed. Her air bag deployed; mine did not. Thankfully, I was just a bit shaken up, feeling a little sore but otherwise okay. She, however , was taken out on a stretcher. I just heard from Allstate today and they are going to total the car which means I have to go find another one now. But, all in all, I am grateful to be in one piece, even if my car isn’t. I don’t know how the other driver is doing; I hope and pray well. Even though it was clearly her fault, I hold no animosity towards her. It was, after all, an accident not “an on purpose.”

Now about Vespers last Saturday- I walked in a saw an icon of a saint in the middle of the church. He had a beard and had a book below him. I honestly had no idea who we were honoring on that day until the Hymnography started. I have to tell you I had chills go up and down my spine as the choir chanted about “The Word” becoming flesh (It is one of my favorite mysteries!) and I knew I was hearing about one of my favorite saints, John the Theologian, as I have now learned to call him. (In the west, he is simply the Apostle John). His Gospel is my favorite.

The church has started something new by making a service book for Vespers which has most of the hymns, psalms and prayers written down for people to follow along. I go back and forth as to whether I should continue to use it or not. I did last time (for the first time) but I know myself. Whenever there is something written in front of me I tend to read it or read ahead and, thus I am not paying attention to the service. Perhaps I should come early to the service, read the entire thing though to become familiar with it and then put it back in the narthex for other’s to use. I believe I will be able to pay attention more if I am not distracted by the book. After all, when Father Gary says, “Let us attend,” I take that very seriously.

I kissed an icon or at least came close. I was so moved by St John’s hymnography; I leaned down and kissed, although I think I missed! – just came an inch before the Icon but I am getting closer!

Deacon Ken wasn’t there but I hope to see him next time.


  1. No advice. You're homing in. I'm just another interested reader praying for you. off2

  2. Thanks for the prayers!! I could use them.

  3. We found the dealers just across the PA border - e.g., Wind Gap - to be reasonable. I also know a guy who buys cars at auction and fixes them and sells them privately at a good price - they aren't perfect but...

    Looks like St. John is your guide. Pray to him for his prayers and assistance in more deeply understanding the Word Himself.

  4. melxiopp,
    Ah, windgap! My wife and I went there during our honeymoon to the small movie theatre to see the moive "Goonies"...I have a guy I deal with who gives me good deals but if that falls through maybe I can contact you...?

    Yes, St. John, be my guide!