Wednesday, July 21, 2010

lots of answers!

Russian Orthodox Cathedral Worshippers
photo by Flickr user Mr T in DC, used under the creative commons license,
check out his work at:

Thanks to everyone who emailed me and posted comments on I have learned a lot. It seems that venerating icons is acceptable at alomst anytime in the service. I guess with my rigid, western mind, I saw this as a problem....

If you would like to check out all the comments regarding this question on the Orthodox forum, click below.... by the way, I may be going to an ethnic fair at the church this saturday and I am going to try to drag my family so they can meet all the people I have been blogging about...keep me in prayer! Anyway, here's the link...,28857.msg455121.html#msg455121


  1. Ethnic fair is Sunday 12-6

    1. I never did make it to the Ethnic fair...someday...

  2. Just wanted to comment on the gorgeous picture you posted... which is from St. John the Baptist in DC. It was taken at our Russian festival last October, I believe, when we had the Metropolitan attending with (I think) the Softener of Evil Hearts icon. :-)

    Hoping your journey towards the Church continues to go well,

  3. Alexandra,
    It is a beautiful picture! I was glad I was able to use it...thanks for the well wishes on my Orthodox journery